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UWA Farm Ridgefield is available for UWA staff and students to undertake research projects, field trips and for teaching purposes.


Prior to visiting the farm you must contact the Farm Manager, Richard McKenna, to gain approval for your visit and let him know the date and time of the visit, names of all visitors and areas on the farm which will be visited.

In addition to contacting the Farm Manager prior to your visit, you must complete either a User Induction or Visitor Induction prior to your visit.

Are you a visitor or user of the farm?

Visitors to the farm:

  • must be fully supervised whilst on the farm
  • are not authorised to undertake any work, stay at, or supervise anyone on the farm.

Users of the farm are individuals that will be either:

  • undertaking work while on the farm
  • staying at the farm
  • supervising visitors or students on the farm, or
  • external contractors on the farm.

If you are supervising visitors or students at the farm it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you complete the User Induction and those that you are supervising complete the Visitor Induction online, prior to your visit.

Undertaking research

If you want to undertake research at UWA Farm Ridgefield, please submit an Application to Conduct Research form, which will be received by the Farm Manager.

If you wish to discuss any details or logistics of the application you can call Richard McKenna on 0429 010 826. Costs and fees for research can also be discussed with the Farm Manager.

Once the application has been approved by the Farm Manager it will be forwarded onto the Future Farm 2050 Project Committee for their approval.

Annual research report

It is a requirement that annual progress reports are completed and submitted to the Future Farm 2050 Project Committee and Communications Officer Diana Boykett before 15 December of every year. 

How to get there

A google map of the farm is available on our Contact us page.

A PDF map is also available for download:

Accommodation on the farm

Accommodation is available for users in the Old Farmhouse or to camp in the Old Farmhouse area.

You must make a booking online. To do so you will need to login using your UWA Pheme login and password. If you are unable to login, please email The UWA Institute of Agriculture to make your booking. Note that the booking is subject to availability and is for one bed only. You may be required to share a room.

Accommodation rates

Old Farmhouse (per night)

Staff:$25 per person

Students: $15 per person

Monitoring tools

Automated weather station

Online weather information for UWA Farm Ridgefield is available for staff and students:

  • username: uwa.ecouser
  • password: uwaecouser

Total Fire Bans and Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans

Fire ban and vehicle movement bans are put in place by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and/or the Shire of Pingelly on days where fire danger is high to extreme. Before visiting the farm, you must read and understand the information on Total Fire Bans available from DFES, and the information on Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans available from DFES and the Shire of Pingelly