The UWA Institute of Agriculture

Vision and mission

By 2050, the world population will have exceeded nine billion people. We will have to feed 50 per cent more people than we do now, and in the face of dwindling land and water resources, increasing loss of biodiversity, and increasing concern over food safety.

Our vision

Best-practice farm for 2050, but do it now.


Facilitate state, national and international multidisciplinary research into future farming systems, with emphasis on productivity and profitability, as well as environment and biodiversity.

The Future Farm 2050 project will be a premier project for a premier university, in the field of life and agricultural sciences.

  • providing leadership in the face of humanity’s greatest-ever challenge
  • being a test-bed for innovative farm design and practices
  • becoming a major link between research and industry
  • becoming a major link between the tertiary and other education sectors
  • becoming a major link between the University of Western Australia and the rural community
  • offering perspectives at all scales: community, region, state, national, international
  • being financially self-sufficient (manager’s salary, maintenance, development).


For the project to have credibility in industry and not be seen as academic idealism, its major indicator of success will be a normal level of profitability.

The crop (wheat, canola) and animal (primarily sheep) enterprises will fit the 2050 vision but they must also earn enough for the farm to pay salaries and cover costs for maintenance, infrastructure and development. We will participate fully in the Carbon Farming Initiative.