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The UWA Future Farm 2050 is one of a number of international projects looking at improving future farming systems.We believe that much of the research being undertaken at the Farm should be shared with like minded organisations. The intention is to establish an international network of organisations that are examining future farming systems.

The Food Animal Initiative

The Food Animal Initiative (FAI) shares Future Farm 2050's common interest in clean, green and ethical (CGE) animal production, although they use the term the “3 Es”: Environment, Economics (profitable farming, affordable food) and Ethics (safe food, animal welfare optimised). The FAI is an international commercial operation that began on a farm that belongs to Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Its main goal is to improve animal welfare within commercial farming systems. FAI also has international networks involving similar farms in China and Brazil.


Worldwide Universities Network

Global Sustainable Farming Systems – Ensuring Sustainable and Responsible Production of Healthy Food from Healthy Animals

This group is re-assessing the role of ruminant animals in meeting our requirements for food in the broader context of mixed agricultural systems. It is addressing a range of issues, including sub-optimal productivity caused by poor animal health and welfare, the consumption of human food by livestock, the environmental footprint of livestock, and the need to match livestock species and genotypes to the local environment.

To this end, a global network of ‘farm platforms', across different climatic and eco-regions of the planet, is being established as a resource for optimising and exemplifying research on the contribution of sustainable livestock production to global food security. In addition to the UWA Future Farm (mediterranean biome), the network includes Thiruvazhankunnu (‘Silent Valley’) Livestock Research Station (humid tropics; Kerala, India) and the Rothamsted Research North Wyke Farm Platform (temperate grasslands; Devon, UK).

Future Farm 2050's role

In joining this network the Farm will bring the following perspectives:

  • extensive production systems
  • dryland agriculture
  • farming in the Mediterranean climate.

Critical Zone Observatory

The UWA Future Farm in Pingelly is the site of the new Avon River Catchment Critical Zone Observatory


CRC Polymers

UWA Future Farm is a trial site for researchers from Soil Science (School of Earth and Environment, UWA), to develop and assess a new range of advanced polymers for agricultural use, as part of the international multidisciplinary research team Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers (CRC-P).