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Project Director

Patrick Beale

Phone: (+61) 6488 1562

Email: [email protected]



Construction of the project was made possible by key sponsors:

The new farm house was designed by the Advanced Timber Concepts Research Centre (ATC) and Optimum Resource Architects and provides the base for the farm’s full time manager.

The house is sited north-facing amidst the backdrop of a picturesque rocky outcrop that lies on the opposite end of the current working buildings on the farm. This is part of a long term strategy that will eventually include a new sheep shearing/laboratory facility.

Unlike most conventional housing, the farm house was largely prefabricated as a series of timber framed modules and transported to site. This allowed for many of the high quality finishes to be more efficiently incorporated into the build of the house off-site. The timber framing of the building also offers greater tolerances within earthquake zones, of which Pingelly is categorised as such.


The house also features a number of exciting and unique innovations:

The Philips-Dynalite automated electrical wiring system incorporates software and hardware modules designed to control electrical loads. By passively monitoring the physical activity, daylight levels and electrical use within the various spaces of a house it can optimise the use of appliances and fixtures, including air-conditioning, security and light fittings.

The LED down-lighting is sponsored by Philips. LED lighting is quickly being recognised as the most efficient artificial lighting currently available in the local marketplace.

Exterior cladding

BGC has sponsored the project with a low cost fibre-cement external wall cladding. As the building is located within a rural area, this product is important for its ease of installation and high fire retardant capabilities.

Both the roofing material and the exterior walls are also very light in colouring so as to allow greater heat reflection during the hot summers.

Landscape design

The final phase of the project and is under way, with two major design considerations:

  • water efficiency, and
  • providing a series of well designed outdoor spaces.

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