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For more comprehensive information regarding UWA's existing agreements with overseas institutions visit UWA's International Centre


Our work with researchers, organisations and communities in Australia and overseas is central to our mission to advance research, education, training and communication in agriculture and natural resource management.

The Institute continues to develop its network of strategic  collaborations and partnerships, both within the University and also with business and industry, government and other institutions, to enhance UWA's contribution to agriculture and to the management of natural resources in Western Australia, in selected national and international settings.


Listings show the UWA contact person (in brackets) where appropriate.   

Business and Industry, Institutions 

Listings show the UWA contact person (in brackets) where appropriate. 





(further collaborations under 'Memoranda of Understanding')

Other countires

(further collaborations under 'Memoranda of Understanding')

Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)

The Institute continues to extend its links with leading educational and research instituitions through MoUs which promote joint research, sharing of knowledge and information, student and staff exchanges.

MoUs are in currently in place with the following:






Other countries