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We raise awareness of agriculture and resource management and provide undergraduate, postgraduate and professional training and knowledge transfer in the agricultural and resource management industries.


We have access to highly-qualified and internationally-recognised researchers and teachers in a range of disciplines who have excellent contacts and connections with the industry.

The Institute has a modern laboratory, glasshouse, lecture theatres and other field facilities.

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We coordinate the teaching, graduate and postgraduate training, research and agribusiness activities of the University through:

  • strong postgraduate research programs in agriculture and resource management.
  • flexible three- and four-year Bachelor of Science degrees that can be combined with degrees in other disciplines.
  • postgraduate programs including Graduate Diplomas and Master of Science.

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The challenges for the education, training and technology exchange industry include:

  • a shortage of talented undergraduate and postgraduate (especially Australian resident) students studying agricultural and resource management
  • a shortage of qualified and well-trained agricultural researchers and extension specialists to serve the industry
  • a small-sized research community and its physical isolation from major Australian and international research groups that creates difficulty in attracting talented researchers and significant new funding to WA, and may slow the transfer and adoption of new technology.

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