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As demand for such products increases, animal production systems programs develop clean, green and ethical systems with improved animal production and profitability.


Our group has expertise and interests in:

  • avian reproductive biology (particularly emu, ostrich and game birds)
  • reproductive physiology in sheep and cattle
  • rumen physiology and microbiology
  • the impact of diet on animal product quality
  • poultry nutrition.

Members have a special interest in the behaviour of animals, including the impact of selection for calm temperament on the management and welfare of ruminants. They also specialise in aquaculture, including production technology, nutrition, breeding, and bio-economics.

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Animal industries are being challenged by changing consumer attitudes to animal products. Globally, purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by perceptions of the animal production process.

Demand for products which are clean, green and produced to high ethical standards is increasing, particularly in discerning markets, where the potential profits are high.

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New science and technology

The core of our research is a holistic approach to the survival and prosperity of the animal in its environment. We can improve productivity and profitability while promoting clean, green and ethical production.

Clean production

Clean production reduces or eliminates potentially detrimental hormones, drugs and chemicals in animal products, while promoting nutraceuticals in food that might be beneficial for human health.

The demand for clean products comes from modern, high-priced markets where farmers can make large profits.

Green production

Green production considers the impact of the industry on the environment with the aim of minimising that impact and making the industry more sustainable for the long-term future.

For producers, the most important issues are:

  • production of greenhouse gases by ruminants
  • production of animal waste (especially for intensive animal industries)
  • excessive use of fertilisers to generate animal feeds.

Ethical production

We focus on animal management and the clean and green aspects of processing, packaging and marketing products. Animal welfare is a major concern for all industries, with consumers expecting products from animals that have been managed sympathetically.

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Postgraduates who are researching in this program are:

Graduated students