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The UWA Institute of Agriculture (IOA) is an Institute established by The University of Western Australia with a mandate to integrate the University’s research, education, training and communication in agriculture and related natural resource management.

IOA is led by a Director with the support of an Industry Advisory Board for strategic direction. It is governed through an executive group, the Institute Management Board.

IOA's operations are managed as a set of flexible new and emerging themes encompassing the academic and physical resources of relevant schools and research centres of the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, UWA Business School, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, and Faculty of Law at UWA.

The intent of this document is to outline the purpose, operating environment, and the vision, mission and strategic intent of The UWA Institute of Agriculture.

Our Vision

To provide research-based solutions to food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability, and agribusiness.


To enhance The University of Western Australia’s contribution to the advancement of agriculture and to the management of natural resources in selected international settings, national and regional settings.


For Western Australia, the Institute works with the agricultural and natural resource management sectors to create knowledge, and improve workforce skills, such that those committed to agriculture may advance their individual aspirations, contribute to local and regional prosperity, and exercise responsible stewardship of the environment.


The Institute harnesses the University strengths and diversity through four strategies:

Strengthening communication links with regional industry, farmer groups and the broader regional and scientific communities.
Increasing the pool of resources available for investment in critical research, development, extension and adoption (R, D, E & A) in Western Australia and in relevant national and international issues.
Bringing together the University’s agricultural research, and communication activities; integrating complementary activities across disciplines and organisational units, and providing a focus for leading-edge R, D, E & A.
Fostering national and international linkages and alliances that bring new knowledge and expertise to Western Australia, and allow Western Australia to share its knowledge with the world.