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Food and Agriculture lectures

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The Institute has continued its emphasis on communication with a series of lectures highlighting the vital research being undertaken in all areas of agriculture.

The topics have ranged from advances in animal welfare to wheat yields, and from climate change to the battle between humans and weeds.

Lecture series

Lectures by Dr Ashwani Pareek and Dr Sneh Lata-Singla Pareek, Dr Rashmi Yadav, Professor Gabrielle Persley AM, Dr Laurent Ameglio
Lectures by Dr David Johnston, Prof Om Parkash Dhankher, Professor Frans Swanepoel, Prof Manny Delhaize, Prof Kate Wright, Prof Surinder Banga, Prof Rajeev Varshney, Prof Eric Danquah, Dr Raj Paroda
Lectures by Dr Christine Foyer, Prof Snow Barlow, Adj/Prof Brian Dalrymple, Adj/Prof John Kirkegaard, Prof Henry Nguyen, Prof Vara Prasad
Lectures by Dr Michel Meuret, Prof William Erskine,
Lectures by Prof David Hopkins, Dr Hermann Stuebler  
Lectures by Prof Christine Foyer, Prof Mark Eisler, Mr Simon Johnson, Dr Peter Sseruwagi, Dr Joseph Ndunguru,
Lectures by Prof. Rana Munns, Prof. Ron Madl, Prof. Ylva Hillbur
Lectures by Prof. John Milne, Prof. Hugh Blair, Prof. Nina Fedoroff
Lectures by Prof. Christine Foyer, Dr Dennis Garrity, Prof. Fu-Suo Zhang, Assoc/Prof. David Edwards, Dr Jacqueline Batley, Dr John Angus, Prof. Ulrich Zimmermann and Prof. Philip White.
Lectures by Dr Brent Clothier, Prof. Rowan SageProf. Alan Tilbrook, Prof. Louw Hoffman, Dr Don McFarlane, Dr Fabio Fiorani, Dr Howard Eagles, Dr Miguel Garcia-Winder, Prof. Jorg Imberger, Dr Colin Piggin.
Lectures by A/Prof Sven-Erik Jacobsen, Dr Yunbi Xu, Dr Prasada Rao, Dr William D Dar, A/Prof. Patrick J Tranel, Dr Doug Edmeades.
Lectures by Dr Brian Keating, Mr Steve Waller, Prof. Stephen Powles, Mr Jeremy Gilbert, Mr Mick Keogh, Emeritus Professor Philip Cocks, Dr Jim Fortune, Adj Prof. Julian Cribb.
Lectures by Dr Christophe Delye, Dr Tony Fischer, Dr Mahmoud Solh, Prof. Fred Provenza, Prof. Joachim Von Braun, Prof. Stephen Powles, Prof. M S Swaminathan.