All visitors must read and understand the information below before visiting UWA Farm Ridgefield.

As a visitor to the farm you:

  • Are not approved to undertake any work while on the farm
  • Are not approved to stay overnight on the farm
  • must be supervised at all times during your visit to the farm

If you are working, staying or won't be supervised while on the farm you must complete the Ridgefield User Induction.

Before your visit: You or your supervisor must send an email to the Farm Manager, Steven Wainewright.

Please note that due to unforseen weather conditions your visit may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of the Farm Manager.

On arrival

Report in with the Farm Manager

  • When you arrive, you or your supervisor must notify the Farm Manager: 0429 010 826 or on Channel 19 on the two-way radio (portable two-way is located in the Old Farmhouse carport), for example "Steve are you on channel?" If there is no response, you must wait and try again. Alternatively, text message the Farm Manager with your name and where you will be visiting on the farm. Please note, mobile service can be intermittent with some carriers at Ridgefield. You may need to move to another area to be in range.

Your supervisor must sign in the visitors' book (located at the Old Farmhouse carport) on behalf of the group

Read the following Farm rules for visitors

  • All visitors must enter the farm via Page Road
  • Petrol vehicles must remain on the compacted dirt and gravel roads around the farm. Only diesel vehicles can enter paddocks, experimental areas and laneways. It is therefore advisable to bring a diesel vehicle, if possible
  • Fire-ban and vehicle movement bans are put in place by the local shire or FESA on days where fire danger is high to extreme. It is your responsibility to either call the fire ban hotline on (08) 9887 1265 or register your mobile for the free service provided by the Shire of Pingelly (08 9887 1066) to register for this service. Remember, Ridgefield has intermittent mobile phone coverage with some carriers so the text message service may not be ideal. If you are in a paddock and unsure if a fire ban exists contact the Farm Manager (0429 010 826 or Channel 19)
  • If a fire starts, immediately call the Farm Manager on 0429 010 826 or two-way Channel 19
  • Leave all gates how you find them - if it was open leave it open, if it was closed, close it again!
  • Speed limit:
    • On Page Road the speed limit is 60 km/h. Please ensure you do not speed
    • Complaints have been made from neighbours that visitors are not adhering to speed limits
    • 30 km/h throughout the farm at all times!
  • Water - make sure you carry enough for the time you need to be on Ridgefield
  • Beware large machinery - it is constantly used around the farm. You are responsible for your own safety!
  • Do not interfere with projects
  • Report any incidents, injuries, hazards and any other concerns to the Farm Manager, e.g. sheep water trough dry, sheep lying down and won't get up.

In addition to this Visitor Induction, your supervisor will provide you with additional safety information upon arrival at the farm.

You must submit this form to register that you have read and understood the Visitor Induction. This Visitor Induction must be completed every 12 months.