The UWA Institute of Agriculture

Application to conduct research on UWA Farm Ridgefield

Researchers working at UWA Farm Ridgefield must be familar with the information on the User Induction page. (Information relating to research costs and the submission of annual progress reports is contained in the 'Farm requirements' section.)

Any land area negatively affected by research conducted on UWA Farm Ridgefield must be returned to an agreed condition, at the expense of the researcher, once work on the project has ceased.

All sections of the form must be completed; if a section is not relevant to your application enter 'N/A' (not applicable).

Project details


Please include your contact details below, so the Farm Manager can reach at least one person in an emergency. Contact details of additional researchers/visitors may be added if you wish.

Mobile phone reception is poor at Ridgefield Farm. It is suggested you connect a mobile phone to your field vehicle or carry a portable UHF radio (Channel 19).

Contact details:


Please provide a brief project overview, including:
* Hypothesis/hypotheses, supporting scientific rationale, and an experimental plan
* Implications of your research and how it contributes to the vision of the Future Farm 2050 Project

Project overview

Additional information

Full details of expected starting and finishing dates for all important operations (e.g. planting, harvesting, spraying, movement of machinery or animals, other routine operations).

Is this project likely to involve post-graduate students? If so, how many and what is their likely role (research) in the project? Are these students familiar with farm protocols and rules?

Does your project use animals? If so have you applied for Animal Ethics Approval with UWA? Please provide: 1)UWA AEC Approval Number, 2)Dates your project is approved to run and 3)Copy of Approval.

If the primary purpose is for teaching, please list the unit and number of students.

Resources required

Indicate the number of hectares and the most desired position on Ridgefield, with reasons. Upload a map if necessary.

If necessary, upload a map of desired locations on the farm.

Please indicate the time (hrs) required from the Farm Manager. Before you submit this application, discuss your requirements with the Farm Manager Steven Wainewright: Mobile: 0429 010 826, Email:

Please outline any machinery requirements. If you are bringing machinery onto the farm it must be cleaned and any operators must be experienced. If you wish to use any of the farm equipment you must demonstrate your competence to the Farm Manager.

Will you be spending night/s on the farm or are you likely to be making day trips from Perth?