The UWA Institute of Agriculture

Solar energy system specifications

solar panels

The solar energy system was designed by visiting Professor Ricardo Ruther.

The system:

  • features 2 x 5kw solar arrays (total 10kw) mounted on the ground together with a battery backup system.
  • will be able to be remotely monitored via the internet in terms of energy produced and energy consumed via the Greensense View platform.
  • has a three day redundancy; this means that electricity can be provided for three days if, (in theory), the solar system did not produce any energy.

Specifications of the solar components

  • 1 x 5kw Solar PV system utilising 22 x 235W Q-Cells Q-Pro G2 (Poly-crystalline) modules with an SMA Sunny Boy 5000TL inverter.
  • 1 x 5kw Solar PV system utilising 56 x 90W Q-Cells Q-Smart modules (Thin-Film) with an SMA SMC 5000A inverter.
  • 3 x SMA Sunny Island 5048
  • Clenergy Solar Terrace 3 Mounting System
  • 24 x Hoppecke 8 OpzV Solar.Power 1000 batteries
  • Greensense View Monitoring Platform

Monitoring system

The Greensense View® facilitates and displays the draw of electricity and the total water consumption for the farm house along with real time solar production. All data is sent via wireless communication to Greensense, who analyse the data and display it online.

Monitored features:

  • Ambient air temperature
  • PV module temperature
  • Solar irradiance levels (both vertical and on the same angle as the panels – 30 degrees)
  • Solar power output
  • Power consumption at the farm house
  • Water consumption at the farm house.

Infinite Energy will also be monitoring a secondary site on the farm, a shearing shed.  This site is grid connected which allows monitoring from its energy draw off the grid along with water consumption.