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Stress Free Stockmanship

The Stress Free Stockmanship organisation was formed over seven years ago to promote Stockmanship that not only made a difference for people’s lives but also benefitted the landscape.

The company is owned by Farmers who still operate their own properties and use the methods on a daily basis.

The UWA Future Farm 2050 recently hosted a two-day Stress Free Stockmanship course.

Bruce Maynard from Stress Free Stockmanship, presented the course to a group of 15 participants from UWA School of Animal Biology and CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences.

Participants learnt how to handle livestock without acting like a predator, how to de-stress the animals so they are quieter and easier to handle as well as practical techniques for easily moving sheep through the yards and facilities.

By the end of the course participants also accomplished the challenge of getting the sheep under and into the shearing shed, places they had never been before.

The Future Farm 2050 may host another course in 2014 for farmers, if you are interested in attending the event please email Steven Wainewright, Farm Manager.