The UWA Institute of Agriculture


Hackett Professor of Agriculture Chair and Director - Prof Kadambot Siddique

Associate Director - Prof Philip Vercoe

Associate Director - Prof Wallace Cowling

Business Manager - Ms Bianca Tabbakh

Personal Assistant to Director - Ms Brenda Dagnall

Communications Officer - Mrs Diana Boykett

FF2050 Project Officer - Mrs Debra Mullan 

Siddique, Professor Kadambot H.M. Hackett Professor of Agriculture Chair and Director/Professor +61 8 6488 7012 M082
Dagnall, Ms Brenda Personal Assistant to Director +61 8 6488 4717 M082
Anderson, Dr Jonathan Research Fellow +61 8 9333 6103 M082
Bailey, Dr Susan Adjunct Senior Lecturer +61 8 6488 2992 M431
Barton, Adj/A/Prof Joanne Adjunct Associate Professor M082
Beeck, Dr Cameron Adjunct Lecturer M082
Chen, Dr Yinglong Research Fellow +61 8 6488 2501 M082
Considine, E/Prof John Emeritus Professor of Horticulture and Viticulture +61 8 9387 7009 M082
Considine, Dr Michael Senior Research Fellow +61 8 6488 1783 M082
Cowling, Professor Wallace Associate Director +61 8 6488 7979 M082
Dakora, Adj/Prof Felix Adjunct Professor M082
Dalrymple, Mr Brian Honorary Research Fellow M082
Ezzy, Ms Rozlyn Field Assistant +61 8 9285 8699 M703
Farooq, Adj/A/Prof Muhammad Adjunct Associate Professor M082
Fletcher, Ms Natalie Research Officer M082
Flower, Dr Kenneth Lecturer +61 8 6488 4576 M084
Goss, Mr Kevin Honorary Research Fellow M082
Greeff, Dr Johan Adjunct Associate Professor 0417 834 622
Hamblin, Dr Ann Adjunct Research Fellow M082
Hamblin, Adj/Prof John Adjunct Professor M082
Hou, Qirui Visiting Research Fellow
Islam, Mr Nazrul Honorary Research Fellow M082
Jiao, Ms Lingxia Visiting Research Fellow M082
Johansen, Adj/Prof Chris Adjunct Professor M080
Jones, Assoc/Prof Roger Principal Research Fellow +61 8 9368 3269 M084
Kamphuis, Dr Lars Research Fellow M082
Khan, Adj/Prof Tanveer Adjunct Professor M082
Knights, Dr Susan Adjunct Lecturer M082
Li, Adj/Prof Feng-min Adjunct Professor M082
McGrath, Dr John Adjunct Research Fellow M082
Micke, Ms Gina Adjunct Research Fellow M082
Milton, Dr John Honorary Research Fellow M082
Mullan, Ms Debra Project Officer (Wed, Fri, alternate Mon) +61 8 6488 1539 M082
Robertson, Mrs Kristy Assistant Farm Manager, UWA Farm, Ridgefield +61 8 9887 1650 M082
Singh, Adj/Prof Karam Adjunct Professor +61 8 9333 6320 ----
Tabah, Dr David Adjunct Lecturer M082
Turner, Professor Neil Senior Principal Research Fellow +61 8 6488 4723 M082
Vercoe, Professor Philip Associate Director +61 8 6488 6758 M085
Vuksic, Ms Jasenka Field Assistant +61 8 9285 8699 M703
Wainewright, Mr Steven Farm Manager, UWA Farm, Ridgefield +61 429 010 826 M082
Williams, Mr Harry Farm Assistant M082
Zhang, Mr Yongen Visiting Research Fellow M082